Kirby Star Allies Multiplayer

Let’s take a closer look at Kirby Star Allies – a popular cartoon platformer about this pink character. Explore what makes it such a compelling game on this site together with your friends!

Go on exciting adventures!

The story revolves around a cute and cuddly creature that has the unique ability to inhale objects and enemies and absorb their powers. He can also fly and perform various other abilities. And in this platformer he received one more power. Now he can turn his enemies into friends!

You need to complete levels and defeat bosses at the end of each quest. You can control the main character and up to three additional heroes. They can be recruited by throwing hearts at them. Each character has unique powers that can be combined to create strong attacks and solve puzzles.

And together with your teammates you will go explore the entire universe. You need to travel to different locations to defeat all the people who were hit by the heart crystals. Investigate who broke the crystal and win in dynamic fights!

Combine your powers!

One of the standout features of Kirby Star Allies is the ability to combine different powers of your personages. This way you are able to create new and more powerful abilities. They will help you solve different puzzles and defeat strong bosses in battles.

So with this special mode you have the opportunity to invite your buddies and build a team. And every time you meet an obstacle you are able to help your teammates. This way you will move forward by the plot faster. And the walkthrough becomes more interesting because of the opportunity to combine your abilities.

The cute cartoon graphics and cheerful music will definitely please you. If you’re looking for a game that’s easy to pick up and also has dynamic fights and quests, press the start button on this site!