Kirby Star Allies Final Boss

Are you ready for the grand battle? But before you come to the last enemy to fight, you need to complete all the exciting levels and overcome all the obstacles on your way.

The story begins from the average little planet far in the galaxy. You control a little pink creature who is the main character of this game series. He was peacefully resting in his home with all the friends around. When suddenly a strange thing happened.

A heart crystal exploded. It happened because of some strange magical ritual. And thousands of pieces fell on different planets. They hit people and turned them into villains. Now you and your friends need to save the universe and discover the truth about this incident.

Because as it turns out, this crystal gave you a super power. Now you can turn all the enemies into your friends. This way you are able to assemble a team. And together you can defeat all the enemies and complete the levels. Especially when you combine your powers and use them against your adversaries.

Immerse yourself into the exciting Kirby Star Allies world. Assemble a powerful team of strong characters and use the combined abilities in your fights. Reach the end of the game and fight to save the universe!