Kirby’s Return to Dream Land

Who said that old school video games are boring? This exciting platformer from the popular game series will show you the dynamic battles and interesting quests. Press the start button and meet the main characters!

The mysterious alien

Your story begins when you become a witness of a strange accident. You saw a large spaceship crashing on your planet. On the place of this accident you find the strange personage – an alien named Magolor. He explains that he needs the pieces of his spaceship to fix it and get back home. So you decide to help this poor guy!

You control the cute pink character with a unique ability. He is able to inhale objects and enemies and absorb their powers. But in this part he will team up with three other characters. You need to travel through different planets and fight with enemies during your entire journey.

Even after you complete your main mission and help this alien get back to his planet, your adventures don’t end. You will accompany this personage in his journey to home and help him defeat the enemies he has. There you will discover what his true intentions were!

Overcome all obstacles on your way!

So you already know your main task. You have to help this poor creature get back. And for this purpose, you need to explore all the locations. Because only this way you can find all the 120 pieces of his ship and fix it. Of course, lots of enemies and obstacles are standing in your way.

Complete all the levels, fight and reach the final. Use your character’s most popular power. Inhale your adversaries and different items you discover on your way. Use them as weapons against your enemies to clean your way and move forward.

If you would like to enjoy the walkthrough together with your friends, invite them and pick the necessary mode. Developers added different modes to diversify the process. Or test your skills in the extra hard regime where you will battle with the most powerful bosses.

If you’re a fan of Kirby Star Allies or other projects from this series, give this platformer a try. And you won’t regret it!