Kirby Star Allies

Kirby Star Allies is a fun and exciting platformer that is a part of the popular series of the pink hero’s adventures. Go on an exciting journey with the main character and his team and save the world from the villains!

Meet the team!

You control a cute and lovable pink character with a unique power. Your hero received the ability to turn his adversaries into his teammates. And now all the personages he meets on his way stand on his side.

In this game he has an important mission. He needs to save the entire world from the dark crystal. And you will join him in this journey.

So one of the unique features of Kirby Star Allies is the ability to recruit helpers. This pink character can throw hearts at enemies to turn them into friends. And they will follow him and fight alongside him. Each friend has unique abilities that you can use to progress through the levels. For example, some personages can fly, while others create bridges or break through obstacles.

You can have up to three team members at a time. Mix and match abilities to create new and powerful combinations. Together with the heroes in your team you are able to complete all the levels and save the galaxy. And your exciting adventures are starting right at this moment!

The mystical ritual

Everything begins with our hero sleeping peacefully on his home planet. When he suddenly awakens to find that the world is in danger. The magical heart crystal is broken. Seems like somebody performed a mystical ritual, and the heart broke into a thousand pieces. And now they are scattered around the world. They make the average people villains when touching them.

Fortunately, our cute character received another power from the piece of this crystal. So now he can make everyone his friend. He must travel across various worlds, defeat enemies, and collect friends to help him in his quest. Play and save the universe with your buddies and use the cool attack combinations to reach your aim.

The controls are responsive, and the levels are well-designed, with plenty of secrets and hidden areas to discover. There is also a co-op mode, allowing up to four users to play together locally or online. Together you will fight with powerful bosses and complete interesting levels. But you always can complete the entire story alone.

So whether you enjoy this platformer alone or with your best friends, it will definitely provide you with hours of entertainment!